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    I have had a few occurrence lately when all sound on my 700w cut out. Nothing can be heard from tapping menu's, or on phone calls. The alerts and ringer works fine though. I read in another post that the older (680 I think) version had a record of a faulty hands-free jack. I did have to use a wired hands-free device the other day (my BT was not handy) and ever since, the sound would cut out. Apparently the socket still thinks there is a mic plugged in, and acts like you are using one. I plugged one back in, and wiggled it a bit, pulling it out slowly like the post I read instructed, and sure enough....sound clicked back on. Now.....I can't have this going on, even if I do know a fix, because important calls could get dropped. I called Verizon, and they (or Treo) are sending a replacement.

    I just wanted everybody to be aware if you have sound issues, it may be that, not any apps or settings like I thought at first.

    Good luck all!!
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    Pretty common from what I've read here. I don't use the jack very often, so I haven't run into it personally. Glad you figured it out.

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