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    it's becoming really annoying lately. the phone rings once, then hangs up. i have to call everyone back. it's sucks because i have first incoming minute free...anyone has this problem or solution?
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    If you have a backup, you could try a hard reset and see if the problem continues. If it does then its either a problem with your phone or possibly the location you are in. If it doesn't then its some 3rd party software or tweak/hack/seetting you've done. You could slowly install software/tweaks/hacks one by one until you find the culprit.
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    Do you have your voicemail configured properly? I once had the same problem and I figured out that I had my voicemail setup to answer after one ring. It occured by mistake.
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    i have sprite backup. do i have to do a hard reset, then do the backup. i saved alot of programs on my sd card. last time i did a backup with spb, it didn't restore the phone the way it was, was missing things here and there. I ended up just clearing everything out, and doing it again. took a few hours. don't want to be there for the voicemail. it's configured correctly.
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    Do you have VoiceCommand enabled? Sometimes VoiceCommand takes the Treo a bit longer to "wake up" and ring. Otherwise, you could see if you could program the Treo to ring more times or longer or have your carrier do it for you. I have mine set to 30 seconds.
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    I have found that the same thing happens to me when I am tethering with PDAnet. Even the new version 1.73 that has the checkbox for disconnect on incoming call checked. Are you tethering when this happens or does it always happen?
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    voice command is not enabled. i have pdanet installed, but it wasn't tethering at the time.

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