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    I'm not sure if the word is "pre-pend", but I would like to show my number to certain contacts, e.g. *86 when I make a voice call, but not have *86 in the outlook contact list so the text messages will work. Also I cannot figure out how to delete the *86 when I send a text message. I can see how to add extra digits to dial after the call is picked up, but what can I do while dialing out? Your help is appreciated. Thanks!
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    The best I can think of is to set up duplicate contact entries for the ones that you need to add the *86 prefix to.
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    I wouldn't really add another contact, but just use the Car tel: field or Pager: field and copy the number with the *86 as the prefix to dial.
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    Thanks, but he pager field does not work as it simply calls the number and does not prompt me for typing an SMS message.
    The phone contact list has an SMS field which comes up, but it says send text message but does not allow me to edit the recepient field to remove the *82. What I do not understand is why can I not find a SMS field in the contact list to edit like there is a field for pager, mobile, home, work, etc.? This must be a simple thing but is driving me mad: I can't beleive everyone else simply calls out on their cell without the privacy feature.
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    Then why not use the Pager or Car Tel field for the calling number with the *86 prefix and the Mobile tel field as the number for SMS messages?

    BTW, if you're trying to block your number from being displayed to the caller, wouldn't it be better to use *67?
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    Thanks, so simple, yet just does not seem right since we don't use "car phones" anymore.
    I removed the *82 form the mobile and not the sms is nice and clear. Just need to get used to the "car tel" listing.
    Now my new issue is the special ringtones for individual contacts are all superceded by the ringtone for "known calls". I can't figure out how to remove that so the selected indiviudal ringtones will ring. I'll keep trying but if you also can help on that issue I'd appreciate it!
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