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    I have a Verizon 700wx and so does my wife. I have a Moto H700 Rev C headset and she has a Moto H700 Rev B headset.

    On my phone if a call comes in you can turn on the headset and the call connects to the headset. Everything works fine.

    On her phone if a call comes in and the headset is not already on there is no way to get the phone to connect to the headset. At best it ends up with an unusable static filled connection. If the headset is already on when the call comes in then there is not problem. Repairing the headset does not clear this up.

    Being logical minded I declared that is must be REV B versus REV C.

    Then I swapped the headsets for each phone and repaired. Now both seem to be working like the REV C did above.

    I have no explanation for this odd behavior, but I wish I knew what the magic was that made the headset work so well in some cases.
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    Sounds like REV B doesn't go for women.

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