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    how can I gwt the best internet experience out of my 700wx? by bwst I mean closest to desktop (i use firefox)
    also I'd like to figure out what plug ins I would need to view every thing online, this phone is obviously well suited for video and music so I'd like to figure out how to view youtube videos and play myspace music players...just the simple things like that that make the internet more interesting
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    thanks but that's a little bit too small for me, I don't mind IE so much I just mind the lack of flash content or ability to open mp3 links things like that. is there any way to get this to work
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    You have to register, but its free, and then you can browse YouTube, Google, MetaCafe, Break, Myspace, iFilm vids. Then you just select what you want, process it and download the WMV. The quality is not great, but they offer a pay-for service with higher resolution.

    No affiliation, I've just found it to be rather useful.

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