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    Hi, I currently have a 650 and thinking about moving up. I'm thinking about buying a 750 on the side and inserting my sim card.

    #1. I have a grandfathered Mediaworks - will I be able to use the 3G network with that plan? Will I need to do anything?

    #2. I have an old Pac Bell Sim Card. Cingular sent me a new 3G sim card but I haven't activated it (something about the PacBell sim card being able to choose networks makes it helpful). Will the Pac Bell Sim Card work? Is the 3G sim card a hoax?


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    1) Yes your old media works data plan will work.
    2) As for the sime card, you do need a 3g sim card.
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    FWIW, I'm still using my old "non-3g" 64k Cingular sim card with my grandfathered Unlimited Mediaworks plan and I'm able to access 3g and UMTS (where available) no problem on my Treo 750V.
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    I am still using my old white 16K sim card on the former AT&T (can I say that). Or is it the former once again AT&T, anyway.

    I have 3g, search the thread and do nofall for the you have to change your card.

    All the details are here just need to put them together.

    The sim card does not determine the speed of data.


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