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    Hi everyone, long-time user of Treo 650 just switched to the 700wx because of work (not sure I'm liking it better).

    In either case, I have Sprint Business Connection personal which lets me use my computer to forward e-mails to my device. It works great when the computer is on and I am out and about. However, when my computer (a laptop) is off because I'm traveling, etc., the 700wx will still try to connect to BC and every minute or so, a dialog box will pop up on the 700wx telling me Error S7121 and that it cannot connect to my desktop. These will keep happening and I have not found a setting to disable this.

    On my Treo 650, it will give me this message once after I've shut down the computer, and it won't bother me again.

    If I cannot turn this message off, I think I'll have to ditch BC as it makes my 700wx unusable.

    If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it!!!

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