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    This is what I have going on. I can install ActiveSync 4.5 sucessfully and create a partnership with my Treo 700w which allows it to sync. The only problem is, it only does this 1 time. After the initial partnership creation. After that it states it can not sync and then after clicking okay on the error message it shows my device name as Guest. I completely turned off my firewall which is part of Norton Internet Security 2007 and still no success. To get it to sync up successfully once again I have to delete the partnership and create it again. If you need the ActiveSync logs please email me and I will send them to you. Please help.
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    Same problem I have.

    I'm going to try installing a Bluetooth transmitter on my PC and see if I can do it by Bluetooth.

    Also, I have USB 1, which I'm going to upgrade and see if that helps.

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