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    Hi all, I'm having trouble with pocket outlook. I have Gmail. I use: as my username because my email would delete from the inbox before I can check it. Lately when I send an email to a friend, the email would appear in my inbox. I do not get how to have it not appear in my inbox.
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    Have you set a filter in Gmail itself to have messages sent from yourself skip the inbox?
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    Hey Scottymomo,

    I tried your suggestion and it still didn't work. Do you think it might be a problem with gmail because I heard their pop3 sucks. When I send people an email on my aim account, it doesn't appear in my inbox, which I like.

    It only happens when I use recent:username for login. Problem is I have to use recent:username because if I don't, it will delete my email before I get to look at it, it is gmail. When I use other email providers, there isn't a problem.
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    does pocket outlook "push" gmail so I get the message as it arrives?

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