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    Unlocked 750. Two batteries fully charged this morning. Wiped one down to 10% and the second is at 38%. Email, phone, text, a little Treocentral and a little solitaire.

    I'm glad the 700wx is my day to day phone. The charger for the 750 is packed in checked luggage so I may be s. o. o. l. soon.
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    Thanks. I will log on as soon as my hotel room is ready.

    May I just say that the Ritz in Bahrain is easily the best hotel I have ever stayed at in my entire life and I'm almost 51 so I've stayed at a few hotels including other Ritz properties.

    I am at 14% on the second battery.

    EDIT: OK. I'm on the network and my laptop. Checked out the threads. Yes my 750 is constantly going bonkers because it does real time sync to my Exchange Server. Given the need for certain unknown humans to send me SPAM (Grrrr) that means the little arrows are always whizzing. Plus I edit an appointment, sync. Edit a task, sync.

    I'm going to experiment with the settings for how and when I sync email and other stuff to my Exchange Server. In particular I am looking for the setting in ActiveSync that says "send real email immediately but hold spam in this special little pooply bucket over here and never forward it to my Treo." I have spam scrubbers but there are still a number of emails that sneak through.

    Thanks for the clue.
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    I started a similar thread earlier today. I've had my 750 for several months, and typically found that the battery lasted about a day with my use (which includes an Active Sync account and a POP mail account - the former is automatic and pretty instant while the latter is only checked manually, just a few times a day. I typically turn off the wireless access (phone and Bluetooth) at night, but even when I forget, I've been getting about 24 hours use out of the phone before the battery goes down below 20%.

    Yesterday afternoon, I heard the phone warn me that power was down to below 10% - odd, because I'd charged it fully overnight. I charged it up to about 80%, used it a little, and then charged it to 95% (roughly) on the drive home. Once home, I made sure to turn off the wireless access and the display, yet this morning it was dead. I had to pop out, and restore, the battery to get it to power up and then it showed that power was under 5%. I reacharged it, and in the last ten hours it has gone down by only 40%. I suspect that something was running in the background and eating power, and that the soft reset this morning fixed it.

    So, try reseting it and make sure that you only run the bare minimum applications and see if that helps. If so, add the others back until you find the culprit.

    Note: as with any cell phone, it will eat batteries if it can't lock on to a signal.
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    I have found that shutting off IM+ at night really helps my battery stay alive. If you are running any IM program (IM+ or Agile) that is constantly polling data to check for new messages, it can be a real battery hog. Also, I have Weatherpanel updating the current conditions, radar and forecast every 2 hours. I found that if you set that to poll more often, your battery takes a big hit. I know these may have been discussed in other places but I wanted to give my perspective anyway.

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