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    Any one else seeing this? I have my standard alarm called "Wake Up" on my treo and it works just fine. However I travel between the west and east coast every week. When I am in the east coast the alarm goes on as planed in the morning, then the same alarm goes off 3 hours later. The message on second alarm says the same text "Wake up 7:00 AM" although it's 10 AM. This only happens on the east coast, never happens on the west. It's almost as if a separate internal clock on West coast time that is setting off the alarm again.


    My settings
    Only 1 Alarm enabled for 7:00 AM
    Enabled local network time and enabled use time zones.
    Clock shows correct time and time zone based on what coast I am on.
    - Installed DST patch from Palm day before DST change
    Treo 750 on Cingular
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    The notification is probably getting replicated in the internal notification queue when the timezone shifts..using a program like MemMaid or SKTools, check the notification queue and see if there are two entries for your alarm showing up..probably just a bug
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    yup found a bunch of entries in the queue. I cleaned them all up and turned off my alarm. Check the queue, it was clean. Set up a new alarm, checked the queue and the right number of entries are in the list. I'll have to do an other round trip to see if the timezone changes causes dups to be created in the queue. Man that would really suck if it did but funny this only started happening post DST change.

    Anyway thanks for the help

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