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    I'm getting an OQO in the next few weeks and would like to be able to tether the OQO via bluetooth seamlessly to my phone.

    If I get a Treo 750, what I want to be able to do is initiate the internet connection on the OQO using the phone as the modem without having to do anything...never taking the phone out of my pocket. Can I accomplish this using the bluetooth connection on the 750?
    Treo 650 with 1 GB SD card!
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    I have an AT&T Treo 750 and I tether using the cable. (A known Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP2 issue causes error 633 when I try to tether over bluetooth.)

    Even with a cable, you won't achieve the seamless connection experience you seek. You have to open Modem Link on your phone, click Activate, then launch the DUN connection on your PC, before any connection is made.

    With BT I didn't have the opportunity to learn whether it involves any extra steps (partnering tht BT devices) but I suspect it involves no fewer steps than with a cable.

    I configured the phone's buttons so I can hold the side button to launch Modem Link. I also configured ActiveSync on the PC not to open when the phone is connected. I've found it's quicker to activate Modem Link before connecting the cable.

    Check the config for your PC -- the "connect by modem when offline" function might save you another step. I'm not sure. Just a thought.

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