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    My volume seems to top out at a very low level. The ringer and alarms don't get NEARLY as loud as my 650 did. Is there a hack to make it louder? Am I missing something?
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    I am migrating from a 650 and have a similar question. Help???
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    Press one of the side volume buttons and make sure BOTH meters are all the way up, then go into windows media player and make sure the volume is at 100%. For some reason they are related
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    It could be a hardware issue, also. I had to return my first 750 because of a bad speaker on the device.

    I had trouble hearing people when the device was on speakerphone. The volume was really low. I found that when I pushed on the back of the device, under the speaker while playing a song in Media Player, the volume increased. Almost like there was a short or a loose connection.

    When I removed the battery cover, I noticed there is a screw right where I was pressing. I loosened the screw a little and the speaker became as loud as it was the first day I had the device.

    I promptly returned it because it could have had a bad solder spot on the board, or worse, a cracked circuit board. I did not want to take the chance of more/major problems later.

    My second 750 has been problem free for over 2 months now.

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