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    When I got home tonight, I noticed there were no sounds on my 700w. No clicks on menues, or verbal reminders. Nothing would work until a phone call came in, and since then....all the sound seems to be working again.

    Has anybody had this happen to them? Any suggestions to prevention, or even what may have happened?
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    Lots of things could be causing it. A bug in Windows Mobile, another app (are you using PhoneAlarm?) may be having issues. You might have mistakenly turned off/down the PDA volume settings (which is different from the phone volume setting). Who knows. Unless it happens a lot, I wouldn't worry about it.
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    I have this happen but its the TOTAL opposite. I have themes like the vista theme etc... installed on wisbar advance 2 & even when the display goes dark, it still makes sound effects periodically. I like the change it makes to the system sounds but it continues making them When its in standby & the screen is dark. Does anyone know how to stop this because it gets VERY annoying?
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    I am not using PhoneAlarm (caused too many problems). Nothing really new, except I did use a plug-in headset (BT was not handy at the time) yesterday, and I read the older 680 (I think that was the model) has a problem with the jacks malfunctioning. I guess untill it happens again I will just run with it.

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