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    hmm 5.3 interesting very interesting .Why don't we just add an updated mscr file every couple of days call it (5.1 ) (5.1 1/4) (5.1 1/2) (5.1 3/4) and the build will finally be 5.2 as it was first released lol
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    I think I might be getting on slings nerves again so I'll shut up now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hannip View Post
    Well I still like to key off of counts when a phone call, sms or vmail comes in because the counts get set way before the notification so you get a much faster detection. Not to say there is anything wrong with your version.
    The first 5.2-are version already addressed the fixs you are implementing into the current version posted thats why we will call the current version posted (5.1 3/4)
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    Quote Originally Posted by hannip View Post
    I think I might be getting on slings nerves again so I'll shut up now.
    hannip never get on slings nervs anymore..I just lol
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    No comment. (Dammit, it's like I have Tourette's or something)
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    Thanks for that Sling. :-P
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    The download of this version is getting very few downloads and It.s the best TA yet.Wake up memebrs!!
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    It might have something to do with not posting a link to it on the 700 or 750 forums. Not a lot of people frequent these dev forums.
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    I posted a link on release and it got 34 downloads at around 8 hours...I think all of the confusion with having a solid cab then having mscr files posted all over the place may have confused the potential downloader of the program.Users like to have a finished product cabed up one time and it works the way it should..The orginal version is posted at a couple either sites and has did well with many downloads and thanks.
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    hmm, where is the link? I didn't see it
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    It,s in the 3.8 thread oh heck I pulled it after you posted a link to your hmm mscr file.I then cabed your file up then pulled link again because you had alot of fixes that had to be made to that mscr...I never posted a link to it becase of the led blink not stoping after dimiss of sms/e-mail..Post link and refer the user to cab and your new mscr file.
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    Yep, so I was right.
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    I hate a bunch of stray mscr files floating around lol cab after cab update lol...It,s like a lottery to the user..They dont know which way to go lol
    Post links hannip
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    huh? You want me to post links to your cabs in your thread?
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    huh lol..hannip if you dont mind that would be so nice of you.That would be of great help.You are the best
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    Not a chance buddy. I'm done stepping on toes.
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    I will post link to the 3.8 5.2 and 5.6 all on one page in a couple days.I think I will skip the 4.8 for it was the beta that created the 5.2 lol
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    removed sorry.
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