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    hmm 10:17 now and how long are we in here on friday nights ...till like 1 or 2 AM ...Lets do it tonight im ready to extract!!!!!
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    my self as well only when dialing
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    find me a disassembler that's free and works on wm5 code
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    You cant find one???? I DONT BELAVE IT.Have you asked some of the guys over at XDA?
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    Quote Originally Posted by slingbox View Post
    nope that is in the ALERTS.mscr

    i know. this was just a question i had.
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    hmm. look what I found.

    hmm. "The disassembler only disassembles the first 29 lines (part of the pretty problem will be fixed soon)."
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    Quote Originally Posted by slingbox View Post
    Cool Cool..
    Well guys I now have the most downloaded mort program in a 5 days.
    Cody Special thanks to you for all the beta you have done.You were of great help getting me from point a to b.
    Hannip what can I say.Thanks for having the patents helping me learn it 6 months back.You are the man.
    6 months back? the " fun with mort " thread was started 12/27. you guys did all this in like three months. wow
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    hey, i think i still have that canada 700wx reg that had the flashing led for service if you guys need it.
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    Charmed dissassembler is pretty cool. The output is really really small on a treo screen throught and it's not complete yet, but the developer is actively updating it looking at the history. It's nice that you can see dll imports right on your PPC. I used to have to copy up files to the pc to do that before. Cool stuff.
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    Pretty cool f,sure
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    Sorry to ask a dumb quesiton, but if i grab hannips code in post 400, where is the rest of the application (latest version), or am I better off waiting for the 4.9 from next week? Coming late to the party.
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    This is an awesome app. I have treo alerts 4.8 pro installed. I love it. I have a minor issue with the audible alert beep for email and im because it doesn't sound when I get an email or im. The every 2 min. beep does not sound. When I turn the switch to ringer off, it vibrates, but when the ringer is on it does not make a sound. The light blinks, so I know the notification is picking it up.
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    If your getting vib alert every 2 min you should get alert sound every 2 min.It will be an alert tone sound for text messages and e-mail.There in no voice alert for email or text messages
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    Go here for the real deal.Thanks to all for the beta testing
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    Will this work on the 750?
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    Is there any way to merge this fine app with Phone Alarm? I know there's a ton of redundancy, but the voice and LED portions of Treo Alerts is COOL!
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    Once Treo Alert is enabled, to stay on, even after a soft reset.
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    one problem with that.There is now three alert settings.If I choose one sombody else will want a diffrent alert setting on softreset.I tear my reg up and only had soft reset maybe once a month if that hmm in 6 months Ive did 5 softresets and 2 hard resets.
    There are some treo softreset members here lol lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by slingbox View Post
    I will have the 4.9 pro finished in a couple days Heres a preview
    Will this version work with my 750?

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