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    So Sling ... are you going to spend less time with your family and get TA notifications to work properly on the 750

    /yes that was sarcasm ... but still a question
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    If you need help working on your Jeep give me a call!! I will put off family time to hook you up
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    I am a long time treo user, I have had the 650 and the 700wx, I liked my 700wx, however the other day I was shopping in the mall and the Mogul 6800 caught my eye and i remembered how a buddy of mine praised his 6700 so I bought me a shiny new 6800 from the sprint kiosk.

    Like alot of you guys I am a constant tinkerer, I have to mod everything to some degree, be it cars, stereo systems, computers, Phones, gaming consoles, ect..

    On my Treo 700wx I had a few apps, (sms threader, resco, treoalert pro) I immediately tried to make my titan function like my treo, I thought to be a simple process, the OS is virtually the same, or so I thought.

    I installed resco successfully, and installed, SMS Threader for wm6, and then I thought I was on the right track, then I noticed some bugs when using SMS Threader, Sometimes when I wake my titan up via the side power key, the screen will be in landscape mode with the keyboard in, and I have to touch the screen or a button or open and close the slide for it to switch back, and the "No unread messages" line sometimes doesn't catch that I have a SMS Msg especiallly if I also have a missed call.

    I installed Treo Alert Pro The latest release and it was totally useless on my titan, I loved that app on my 700wx, but it was only about 40% functional on my 6800. I think the dual multi colored LED lights on the 6800 threw the apps design off.

    I love all these apps, but they were written for the 700wx in most cases and the DEV's try to "tweak" them to function on other phones, but in the end they end up being buggy. I fully support the DEVS of these apps. I am not trying to down there work and efforts, I do throw some donations to them when I can. I thank them for all they do, ( Hannip, CodyPPC, sling, YOU GUYS ARE PURE GENIUS)man theres a ton of people out there writing script. I just dont want to sound unappreciative I just want to bring it to their attention so maybe we can get a fix, if i'm not the only one having issues.

    Maybe I am the only one having issues, I don't get a chance to read on here as much anymore as i used to with working alot of overtime and a 2 year old that demands constant attention. I hope this didn't come across as a nagging *****-fest, I was trying to just get some feedback on all these issues, and try to get them worked out.

    v UPDATE! v

    I managed to get Treo alerts to somewhat cooperate with me, I uninstalled it and reinstalled it 3 more times and configured it every different way I could thin of and finally I have everything but to options working, the app will not alert me if the phone is asleep thats still a huge problem, kinda deems the app pointless in that state, and the led alerts don't work I have decided to live with that issue, because I can use the Led reminded built in to wm6 via Sound & Notifications, its not what I want but the LED on a 6800 only blinks in orange and green on the right side and the other led blinks only blue I beleive, and TA8 doesn't control either in my case.
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    Hey sling, what's the off chance you could somehow add the ability to quickly change Profiles with TA? By Profiles I mean kinda like PhoneAlarm where you can have a work profile, a Home profile, Car profile, etc...

    That's the only thing I can see that TA is needing. I loved that part of PhoneAlarm, but had to ditch it in favor of TA due to adverse side effects of having PhoneAlarm on my Today screen.

    For me, the main thing I need is to be able to tap an icon and change the alert sounds for Known Caller, Unknown Caller, Roaming, etc.... going thru the settings menu is too much trouble, but I do it sometimes. I use a VERY loud ringer for work and need a quiet one for home.

    Just a suggestion.

    BTW: TA is a Great app as it stands already.
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    That would be really cool
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    Hi there, first off before a start asking questions thanks for a great app.

    now then in my Current Settings View i see this:

    (S) VM= 0 MC= 0 SM= 0 EM= 0

    ALERTS TIMER 6 AM - 10 PM (ON)
    Reminder Sound (Reminder)
    Voice Alerts (ON)
    Voice Call Id (ON)

    my questions are:
    Voice Alerts (ON) <=== Whats do these change
    Voice Call Id (ON) <=== Whats do these change


    (S) VM= 0 MC= 0 SM= 0 EM= 0

    in this line, can i remove the VM= 0 as i do not have any way of using it (i get my VM by text). Also when i do recive an SMS i get the following on my today screen


    and nothing else, can i change any this so it shows

    (3)* VM= 0 MC= 0 SM= 1 EM= 0

    so what im hoping to get in the end is somthis like this if i have say a missed call and an sms (i'm assiming the SM is for sms). having the EM indicator still there even if i dont have any emails.

    (3)* MC= 1 SM= 1 EM= 0

    Thanks a lot for the app again and i hope you guys can help

    PS. Have noticed when i recive an email i get the correct display

    (3)* VM= 0 MC= 0 SM= 0 EM= 1

    if that is any help
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    sorry to only point out issues i find

    When i have the display to

    (3)*Sig=46% Bat=100% 20MB

    If i recive an email nothing happens, but if i recive a sms the view changes to

    (3)* SMS=1

    any ideas of what i can do? thanks
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    To all TA users,
    Sorry for delay to all questions .Ive been pretty slammed not having time to work on TA .Myself and Cody have no current plans to take TA any further at this time...hmm I think Treo 800w will wake us up
    If you find that app is giving you problems feel free to make changes as needed and post your updated mscr file giving description on how you tweaked.
    Mortscript code is the tool used to makes changes to mscr files and very easy to use once you get the hang of it so don't be scared.
    I will check in every week and answer as many questions possible..Maybe Cody can put down his blackberry long enough to help me

    When Treo 800w is released hmm if ever TA will be updated.
    Thanks to everyone's help in this thread

    Phil C
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    Well, unlike sling, I will not be getting the 800w. I would have if it would have came out by now, but I can't wait that long.

    I am really like this blackberry now. Not as cool as WM but very stable. It just works.

    Hannip will be herefor support. He has been burnt out, but a new device will wake him up. He said his contract is up in August.
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    Quote Originally Posted by codyppc View Post
    Well, unlike sling, I will not be getting the 800w..
    hmm Ok

    Quote Originally Posted by codyppc View Post
    I would have if it would have came out by now, but I can't wait that long. .
    Myself as well yet it is kind of a blessing it hasn't

    Quote Originally Posted by codyppc View Post
    I am really like this blackberry now. Not as cool as WM but very stable. It just works..
    I agree.
    My BB 8830..Soon to be BB Curve fills in all gaps missing by WM providing a very stable OS to work off of every day.

    Quote Originally Posted by codyppc View Post
    Hannip will be herefor support. He has been burnt out, but a new device will wake him up. He said his contract is up in August.
    hmm I gave him the darker side PM lol
    Time will tell
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    I'll most likely be getting the 800w as soon as it's available and Cody is right about it waking me up. That's pretty much why I haven't been doing much more with the 700wx because it's at a state that I've been very happy with. TA just works, bluetooth has been working fine for me, it's been tweaked the way I like it. I don't even have a scratch on the thing to make me want to get rid of it. lol.

    Unlike Cody I will not be going the way of the BB. I want to stick with the WM devices since I've invested a lot of time with WM already and don't really want to start over. The 800w looks like a winner and is coming out right around my birthday. Happy Birthday me.
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    If I download Treo Alert onto my Treo 500 will it:

    (a) Work

    (b) Not work, allow me to un-install, and I will keep searching for a Treo 500 LED app

    (c) Totally trash my Treo
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    d) work with default led alert color and allow you to uninstall.

    Only the 700wx has full support of led colors. All of the other functionaliity should work fine. Let us know your results. Make sure you have a recent backup as a safety net.
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    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum but not new to the TREO. I have a Treo 750 (my second one) and I just spent about two full days reading this thread. I love TA. Currently, I am using the most updated version (TA 8 Cab 8). Everything works fine. I just don't seem to be getting LED email alerts. I'm using Gmail (I plugged the settings in). I rarely use the Active Sync as I have a data plan and get my emails wirelessly. I know from tinkering that I either have orange or green as an option for LED (the red doesnt work on my phone unless it is charging). Can someone help?

    PS Hannip, Sling and guys rock. I followed the many months of communication you guys have on this thread and I am impressed with the attention to detail. I hope this thread continues. Thanks and Godspeed!
    Billy Cantu Jr.
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    Hey there billy,
    You sure have a lot of patience to read through this entire thread. lol
    So I assume you are using gmail via the pocket outlook application. If not tell me what app you are using.

    TA supports email notifications for pocket outlook and Flexmail. By default the email notifications are turned off since they can get annoying if you recieve a lot of emails. To enable it again you go to the TA Configuration menu and Alerts Configuration and then Configure Events. You will then see the following menu.

    Calendar Reminders: on
    SMS Messages: on
    Email Messages: off
    Missed Calls: on
    Voice Mail: on

    Simply select the Email Messages menu item to toggle it to "on". That's it.
    Let me know how it turns out.
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    Hannip, I have a question. I've been using WM a short time, I think my first one was a Dell Axiom X50 with WM 2003. My first WM phone was a Sprint 6700, then I bought my current Treo 700wx. One thing I noticed right away was that under "Notifications" there was no option to "Repeat" for email, sms, etc alarms. It was greyed out. (I searched for it in the registry, figured out how to make it available, did so, and regretted it. If checked, then the alarm would repeat for eternity, unlesss I reset the device.)

    I kinda expected it to be fixed with the WM6, but after flashing my ROM with ebag's WM6 I've been horrified to discover that the "Repeat" option is still greyed out. Kinda disheartening. You, PhoneAlarm, and a slew of others have been able to do repeat alarms for WM, and somehow Microsoft has not been able to?

    So, fill me in. Is it that hard? I mean, sure a dummy like me who can't even cook a ROM right would never be able to figure this out. But, if you can do it, surely Microsoft, with all their $$$ and techs should be able to do so as well.

    What's the scoop?
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    No it's not hard. Microsoft's implementation of repeat notifications is half baked. You can play with some registry settings to activate some types of led alerts but it doesn't work well and not for all types of notificaitons. I have no clue why more effort hasn't been put into the notifications. Maybe Microsoft thinks that the carriers should implement that piece. I dunno.
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    Hey guys! Love Treo Alert Pro 8.2 for my Verizon 700w.
    One question and excuse me if it has already been addressed.
    When I get a new VoiceMail, TreoAlert of course pops up and flashes, buzzes, and alerts me that I have a new voicemail until I check it.

    But, if I try and just dismiss the voicemail without actually listening to it, TreoAlert continues to buzz, vibrate, and alert me that I have a voicemail waiting. I kind of find this annoying as I'm not always in a place that I can actually check the voicemail and clear it. I would think that dismissing the alert would keep it from continuing to alert me, but no matter how many times I press Dismiss, it will continue to pop up the alert every minute.

    Do I have something set wrong or is that the way it's supposed to work? Other than that minor annoyance, it works great! Text messages and missed call alerts go away and don't come back when I press dismiss. Would love for the voicemail dismiss to work the same way.

    So am I doing something wrong?

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    No you aren't doing anything wrong. The voicemail works differently. It cannot be dismissed until you listen to the voicemail. This is not something TA controls. The best you can do is to turn off the voicemail alerts in the Configure Events menu if you can't listen to your voicemail. Then after you listen to it turn the alert back on.
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    OK, was just curious.
    Thanks for the info and the good work on such a great app!!!

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