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    I want to protect my phone, reason being since its unlocked and under tmobile who doesn't have this phone, i can't place insurance on it. i really like the OEM palm leather horizontal case, its simple, professional, and well padded. however when i take out my phone i still feel scared i may drop it. or something may scratch it while on a table or something. I want to use one of the full body skins that are provided at or

    i noticed that at best skins ever, they don't offer full body skins for the blackjack and the treo 750, i think its because of the rubbery surface. however when i went shield zone, i was suprised, they have a full body skin for both the blackjack and treo 750! is this an error? how can this stuff stick to the rubber surface of these phones? i've used a best skins one and the material is like a peice of plastic that adheres with soap and water on my blackberry pearl which is a shiney hard surface which makes sense, but on the surface of a treo 750? i dont want to spend $27 if it doesnt work on the surface and end up going through returning it and such!? has anyone used the full body skin from shieldzone? and with that, those that have it on their phone, does it still fit without having to force it into a horizontal case like the oem leather palm case?!
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    hmm, no one has used it before? maybe its probably wise not to try it and be the guinea pig then! =P
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    I had the full body shieldzone product for my 650 applied by the owner of a shieldzone cart in the mall. I like the way it feels. One warning, though- I have a seidio car cradle and it fits really tight. Also tight in the palm cradle at home.

    As far as quality, it seems good. It is a little bit tacky on the screen but I have gotten used to the feel.

    As far as installing, I installed a screen-only protector on my wife's phone and it was pretty easy but I don't know if I'd want to install it on the full body. It requires getting the product and the phone wet with their little spray bottle and placing the film. When it dries, it is fixed.

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    I've got the ShieldZone full body skin for the 680. It takes a bit of care to put on, but once applied it is very nice.

    Advice....take a look at their web site for some videos about how to apply the skin properly

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    My review of the invisibleShield for the Treo 700p is here at TreoBits.
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    thank you for everyones response, it looks like you all have applied it on hard shiny surfaces like the 650 and 680. im curious though how it would adhere to the 750 as the 750 is a rubbery grip paint on it. and would that peel if i tried to remove the skin later down the road?

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