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    I was pretty surprised to see that the treo 750 ON the ebay site would not let me go past "my ebay" page, returning an error- (if I use the WAP ebay, it will work but I prefer the full pages).

    My old sidekick would allow me to click on my ebay and go through- but not on the treo 750.

    Does this mean I should try a different browser program? Help please!
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    Yup, get Opera. There may be some sort of plug in, or update for IE to use java. That seems to be the problem.
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    .......or follow these steps to disable the cingular proxy. I had the same exact problems. Here is the link. Oh and make sure after you do this you clear all your cookies before you try and log in.
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    I did the hack and it WORKED- AWESOME. THANKS!! I did notice a drop in internet speed as warned by the hack but the fact I am able to toggle the proxiy off is good. Should I do that or just leave it as proxy off and get used to the speed?

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