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    G'day folks,

    First post for me - new 700wx, and spent the day getting a Dell BT USB dongle setup so I could surf on my phone at home through my network.

    Seemed simple enough in theory, but not having enough luck (the network access service doesn't show up when I try to set up a bluetooth modem connection).

    Saw this post: which talks about doing it with PalmOS devices, but wasn't able to make the leap with WM (been working on it for a few hours today), and not much out there Google-wise to point me in the right direction. Almost seems like the ability has been purposely pulled from the phone (I'm a conspiracy theorist when it comes to mobile carriers).

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to using WM5 with my SBS server etc, and this would be a really cool thing to be able to do, both at home & at work (I'm an MCP/Small Business Specialist and know my way around Windows, but the CE side is new to me. Finally switching from PalmOS - time to say goodbye to my Kyocera 7135).

    Have the guys on the Treo Cast podcast talked about this on any of their episodes?

    Anyone have a bigger clue than me?


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    Figured it out - was using ActiveSync 3.8, and didn't have all the switched flipped correctly - had to assign a COM port to ActiveSync.



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