Hardware - 700w
Exchange 2003

I can no longer use the push technology because it constantly pings the exchange server, draining the battery in about 6 hours. To be precise, it will sync, get the mail, and then continue to try syncing another three times (so four syncs every time it thinks thereís mail to be gotten). When itís what I call a ďfalse syncĒ it will indicate there is a single message to process even tho there is nothing. That single message is always there, so if Iíve read a message and replied to it, it will say itís processing three messages Ė the read, the reply and the phantom message. I have rebuilt the device several times (complete wipe), and even when setting up mail is the only thing I do, I still get this issue. So I set it to manual and reach out manually.

This has been going on for several months- I want my push synch back!