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    Quote Originally Posted by shamis01 View Post
    There is two cab files in that second link for WM6. Which one is the right one to use ????
    What is this "second link" you and others speak of?
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    I'm running into a bit of a problem when i get to this step:

    12. once the divice is finished rebooting open resco agian and navigate to program files / palm messaging. You should see this

    i dont see palm messaging.. any ideas? I'm using the palm treo Pro
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    As far as I know, the Treo Pro already has the threaded messaging application. The 800w had it out of the box, so the Pro should have it as well.
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    it does have threaded sms but the look is completely different from the older i just prefer the older. Also with the newer look when i receive long text messages it says its a MMS. If i could get some help with changing that, that would be great.
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    For the Treo Pro someone would need to port the threaded messaging over.

    Posting a request on the Treo Pro forums (or even 800w forum, as that has the latest version of the threaded messaging) would be the correct place. This is the 700wx forum, and is not.

    And using this version of the threaded messaging, which was designed for the 700wx and not the Treo Pro, is probably a bad idea.
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    I installed Win 6 in my treo and messed up my contact


    I have a back up using sprite software but its not working with Win 5. Do you know how to reinstall Win 5?
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    The only way to reinstall WM5 without a valid backup is through a hard reset. This will delete everything on your phone. I suggest you back up important files individually before you do the hard reset.
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    OK. Iím on a 700wx STOCK. And I think my phone is bricked... Let me tell u the whole story
    I followed all the instructions like asked. Only thing was my folder had 13 files rather than 12. So I copied all 13.
    Restarted the phone and all dat good stuff.
    Then I looked and everything seems alright besides the fact that when I push the sms button on the left to take me to sms, instead it pops up SMS & MESSAGE for me to choose. I didnít like that so I was looking for where to change that and couldnít. Thought maybe taking away messaging from today screen would do it but nah. Didnít.
    So I went ahead and uninstalled Rosco file explorer, because all of a sudden it said I was expired and needed to register. I uninstalled it and tried uninstalling the SMS thread thingy because I felt I didnít need the stuff in the Programs anymore. Thinking that all the files are in the windows folder now, so by pushing remove programs for the sms in Remove programs, it canít hurt nothing.. In the process of removing phone was freezing and started lagging. I then started seeing a prompt asking me about some "webview" error. I didnít know what it was, so I pushed no. It wouldnít go. So I just kept pushing no until the sucker understood. Well then I came to a screen saying I had to restart the phone. And I thought, well it uninstalled the roscoe thingy successfully.
    I restart phone. Put in password, and it wonít go past the TIME screen... Iím stuck there. I canít go anywhere. Iíve taken the battery out like 100 times. And itís still not working. And I didnít back anything up. Did I **** it up?? PLEASE HELP
    Tmailutl.dll : I saw the white box but could not see the message. So I click yes because Iím thinking it just wants to run the file.
    Cannot execute tmail.exe: All I could do was push okÖ
    Oh Boy!!!
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    Forgive me if this has been answered.

    What if I use my messaging client for email also? Will threaded sms effect this? I really would rather use the built in messaging app to handle all messages (sms, email, mms, etc) and I love how I can easily switch accounts yet still use the same program.

    Any input is greatly appreciated as this has been stopping me from installing threaded sms, yet I hate the 160 character limit.
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    ok the only prob i have now is that every now and then it says i have a text message when i dont. how do i fix this
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    I have a question... i went briefly thru this thread and dont see anything..
    OK.. Im still with the base 700wx with the threadedsms on it. Is there a way to get my messages out of it.. Ive got like 2000 important messeges. So is there a way to get those messages put on something like notepad, and then i can clean my fone!?
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