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    I just recently switched to an HTC 6800 and was wondering if you could use this on it as well. I have WM 6.0. Used to have a Treo 700 w/x and loved the old Palm chat style... If it's not possible do you know where I can get something similar?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vertig0 View Post

    do you know of any work around for tmail.exe,gwes.exe and device.exe error?
    the application is working w/o problems but after I installed I started getting these errors.

    I found this forum entry regarding the Device.exe error.

    My situation seems to tie to this exact scenario: 1) I use TelNav, 2) I exit TelNav, and 3) my Device goes to sleep, and 4) i wake up the device with this error. I think sometimes when I exit TelNav, there is a memory leak and the access to the GPS device is left active. I have been using MemMaid and occassionally using it to reclaim RAM lost... it does not seem to fix this situation 100% of the time, but it is faster than a soft reset.
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    I have a Sprint Treo 700wx (with Windows Mobile 5.0) and I currently have Beta 4 installed (i installed it last summer 2007). Can I upgrade to the Beta 5 version and if so, what are the instructions to do so?

    Also, what are the differences between Beta 4 and Beta 5?
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    thanks cody! However, no MMS is big issue to me.

    treo750 can work with MMS in this thread program, why it doesn't work here with my htc touch??!! Too bad ! Same program but different device!!!!

    Is it Palm using other MMS program in Treo 750? But I sent both SMS & MMS under this program in my previous Treo750. How come ?!
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    Problem solved ! Cool ! Now I can send sms and mms using Palm sms thread!

    See post #323:

    I just installed all required programs and input all relevant network data...all done !
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    Looking to install this on my 700WX, but I can't seem to locate the Palm Messaging folder under Program Files. I'm using Total Commander as my file exploring utility. Any ideas?

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    Cody, Good stuff man, I installed on my 700wx and it appears to have gone perfectly. Nice work and a great app!
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    Thanks Codyppc Works Great Was Really Easy. Everything Good So Far. My First Hack Job Wow What A Rush!!!!
    Treo 800w
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    Hey guys...

    From the link above it sounds like the XDA guys have got MMS working in Palm Threaded SMS. It's not clear if this fix works on 700wx and other WM5 devices. And if it does, has Sprint blocked it yet?

    I've got sMMS working now, so it seems like I have MMS, but I'm just really logging in to Sprint Picture Mail site to send/receive. That app runs on Net Framework...pretty big memory hog.

    If this fix works on Sprint 700wx it'd be awesome!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevetd View Post
    What are the Verizon "network configuration" settings?
    Did anyone ever answer this question. I am getting the memory warning, and the .exe warnings too. I am going to reinstall. I love the app though just absolutely love it.

    But our configurations say sprint but I just realized it is within the sms app. not the stock app. Thanks again and if there is a special setting for Verizon 700wx please post. Thanks
    Treo 800w
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    Works like a charm..... nothing else to say...
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    I've been using the threaded app for a long while now... Thanks to all who have worked on this.

    Recently i am noticing an issue with the today screen plugin and how many texts that are actually in the inbox. This is NOT the issue where the old app is showing unread messages, but pretty much exactly the opposite.

    The today screen will show say 4 unread messages, but when a new message comes in, it drops down to one, i read the new text, leave the other 4 unread. They remain bold and unread, but the today screen shows "no unread text messages"

    I know... I am purposely leaving messages unread to test this and see what results i come up with. It works just fine at times.

    I've searched, read, and reloaded... no luck.

    I even loaded only resco, the threaded app(followed instructions to a tee), and sprite. the only three items needed to install the threaded app and create a backup image.
    Treo 750, at&t wireless.
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    This is a file that claims to do this. Has anyone tried it?

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    I download the beta 5 cab file and copies it to my mobile pc and set the options in the new resco explorer to see hidden files.

    i deleted pockete outlook from the startup and did a soft reset.

    i then moved all the
    (more than 13 files) to the windows directory where it gave a prompt if i wanted to oeverwrite reqad only files to which i said yes. but no mention of overwriting rom.

    i then did a soft reset. and to my dismay i did not see the thread sms program in programs.

    am i doing something wrong? i made sure to follow the directions exactly.

    I would love if this could work.
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    anyone figure out how to install the threaded messaging app on a smartphone?
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    my phone no longer shows me missed calls on my left soft key. i still get vm notifications & such but it never shows me i have missed calls. so if i dont look then i dont know i have them. anyone know why? other than that the app is wonderful & thank u so much. i have 700wx sprint.
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    ok so i did this with my htc mogul and everything worked great...but now my phone is sending out duplicate, triple & even quadruple texts to people i've texted hours prior... did i do something wrong??? Please help....its begun to annoy all of my people
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    Will this work on Treo 500?

    It's WM6 and all just wondering if it will do it wihtout any problems? Anyone tried it?
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    so if i have a 700wx and am running wm6, do i dl the file for wm6?
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    I have the Bell HTC6800titan with WM6.0 (not cooked). I download/install the program and it works perfect for the most part, but.. its seems that certain txt msg (from certain people) come in with the message "The contents of this message can not be displayed". If i remove the program, all is fine, I have also installed the Triangle Power version of the threading and theirs works fine (but the GUI/options suck). I would really love to correct this one little problem....

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