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    anybody notice they loose the "ignore call with text message option when you install this....?
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    nah, I didn't notice it, I don't really use it anyway.
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    actually I just received a call and the option is still there,so I don't know what's up with ur install.
    Treo 700wx,755p,Htc Diamond...
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    wonderful. i just did it. followed steps from post #1, and everything is installed and working well and smooth.
    thank you for the pictures, and simple sentences :-)
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    Just installed this the other day on my new Tilt/TyTn II using the instructions for it. Seemed to slow things down so I did a soft reset - ugh. Worked fine yesterday, and works fine again post-reset. Go figure. Anyway, is there any way to make the display font larger?

    It does work fine with the landscape/portrait rotation and non-square screen, too, and I like the MMS replacement app.
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    Can someone please help me? I downloaded and used this app for months with no problems. I recently received a replacement device (700wx) due to a hardware problem (stuck key) and I have since restored from my most recent backup. The problem is that now when I receive a text, it basically comes in twice. Once in the "regular" messaging app, and then again in the "new" threaded app. Any ideas on how I can fix this? Perhaps how can I get rid of the original messaging application?
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    I really really like this app but have on issue that is killing me. I use an on screen keyboard so the keyboard overlays the input area when you are replying to messages. I could just start a new message to that person but it would be great if I could reply. Anyone know of a way to modify that? There are a LOT of people in Pdaphonehome, xdadeveloper and ppcgeeks who would like this feature for phones without keyboards. Thanks for your help!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JustOne View Post
    I did this on my treo 700wx last night after trying some other threaded sms programs that were slow. I must say I really like this one. I'm on verizon. I wanted to ask though has anyone had trouble with txt msgs coming up missing? I was talking to a friend last night txting shes is on ATT (cingular) and everything was going good then I quit getting txt back. i figured she stopped talking. But turns out she kept trying to send me stuff and i never got them. So it made me leery of everything since i had just installed this.

    I dont know if this goes along with the message above, but today (Thanksgiving Night), I kept sending messages out and I received them an hour later on my Treo 700wx. At times, I wouldnt receive them at all. Is this an issue with the new wm6 version. I deleted the old wm5 threaded sms cab.. never had this problem.. If anybody has the old threaded wm5 version, please PM it to me.
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    anyone seen or know if this works on the moto q9c? I know its a 700wx forum so please dont shoot me.
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    I have this app installed but nothing has changed. I can't even launch it. I see no "shortcut". When a new SMS message comes in I only have the ability to view it in the regular SMS application.

    I have an Samsung i760 with WM6 Pro
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    all, I apologize for this very basic question. I am a new user, I've only had my Mogul for a few hours.
    I have downloaded the .cab files, but I have no idea how to install them.
    Can someone help??
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    Does anyone have the API / sourcecode for this application I would like to package it up and add some functionality to it.

    Please send API to


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    Quote Originally Posted by Houman81 View Post
    Does anyone have the API / sourcecode for this application I would like to package it up and add some functionality to it.

    Please send API to


    Sure, just contact Palm as they created it.
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    Hey guys, first off I want to thank everyone who helped put this together. I have been searching on and off for the past week or so on other forums and they've made it very difficult to get these files. I'm glad to see some people still want to help others out. As for the MMS messaging, is the last info pointing to ppcgeeks still the most current?
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    I am trying to install sms threaded on my HTC Tilt, but when i attempt to open the cab file, to install, i get an error saying the installation of the cab was unsuccessful. I noticed that the cab file showed that it was 0kb, but when downloaded the file was originally 1984kb. does anyone know what may be causing this error to occur?? Thank you in advance for any input
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    I must be like a super noob, I can't figure this out! My phone will download steps 1,2. Then I cannot open the files?
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    Hey Cody...

    I am a bit confused... I downloaded the zip files per your instruction however neither opened as an application and thus I was not able to add them to my treo... However, I was able to download Resco from the resco site and download onto treo as an application no problem... however the thread program opens up as a bunch of files like (0CABAC24.030) and no executable.... Can you guide me thru this?

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    I hope this question hasn't been posted before and that the way I phrase it makes sense.

    When I open a text message, the screen automatically is scrolled all the to the bottom. It is annoying to always have to scroll up to see your text, who it was from, the time, etc. as opposed to the text opening the way everything else opens, with the screen scrolled up to the top.

    Does anyone have this problem or a potential solutions?

    Thank you!

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    I love it... At first i was kind of scared of installing it, but said F it and just did it... followed the instructions carefully and BAM!

    this is a bad *** must have
    I had to ditch my 700wx for a Blackberry...
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    Hi All,

    I read on one of the many forms I read that someone got this application to work on a AT&T Tilt and MMS was working also. My pc crashed, (windows for you) before I bookmarked it and now I can't find it again. Does anyone know if this is true and if so, how? if not, how can it be made to work. Everytime I try to send a MMS I get an "out of memory" error. When I remove Threaded SMS it work just fine. Please help.


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