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    You rocked!!!! cool program... thanks a lot...
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    Thanks Cody! Installing this app couldn't have been any easier
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    Thanks Cody for the fast email reply lol wasnt expecting it that fast.
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    Thanx Cody!
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    A bigggggg thank you to cody for the wonderful job with the instructions. I was a lil confused at first took me about 2hrs to understand, I have 2 treo Wx and and it took me 10mins to install on the other one. But I have two message box though I guess I"ll figure that out later.
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    Can anyone tell me where this app stores the messages? Is there a file somewhere I can take a look at? I was hoping to come up with a way to backup my text messages? Thank you.
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    Oh, another question... is there a setting somewhere to make it that when I use my stylus, the screen moves up when the onscreen keyboard is visible? Right now, the keyboard covers up the text box that you type in. I'm using Resco Keyboard if that makes a difference. Thanks.
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    cant send a text to an email address! what gives! i get an error everytime! "can not send message. the message center or email canter number in invalid. please contact wireless operator."
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    I'd like to thank Cody for sharing the threaded sms app. This will make my life easier.
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    Thank you very much Cody, excellent directions. I just have one there any way to go back to the way it was besides a hard reset? Thanks again, you rule!
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    First Thanks so much Cody it worked and I was so happy! The lack of Threaded msgs on my 700wx made me want to go back to my 650! Then the but... I tried to restore a backup (I did a hard reset and um lost everything just prior to installing the threaded msg) to get my contacts back and Ohboy the phone went nuts. No msging no email alot of blank screens and red x's for file not found. So I did a hard reset again and will try to install this again, since my contacts seem lost forever anyway no need to restore that backup this time.

    Just wondering if any programs conflict with this threaded msg that anyone knows of? I want to install some programs as I have none now that did not come with the treo 700wx and do not want any conflicts? Oh I have no idea what I want to install I just sort of surf till I see something of interest.

    Thanks again this really is great, the trouble was user error I'm sure.
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    Ok I did a hard reset and started from scratch. Downloaded and installed the threaded msg cab. Then downloaded and installed resco file explorer. Resco told me to do a soft reset at the end so I did. When my phone restarted reset or whatever it turned on and a two text came through but they were already threaded and I had smileys! BUT I havent completed the instructions yet this time (since the hard reset) so why is it working? Do I need to find those files using resco and follow those instructions in the 1st post or is it just working and leave it alone? Sorry I'm really confused by this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nickf126 View Post
    Thank you very much Cody, excellent directions. I just have one there any way to go back to the way it was besides a hard reset? Thanks again, you rule!
    I was wondering the same thing. I just deleted the Palm Messaging App and that worked for me.
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    Hey thanks for all your help, out of curiosity though is there any way to send an mms message after I followed the step by step procedures? It keeps giving me an error message of not enough memory to do so. Any ideas on how to solve this problem? I've closed all programs, should I get an SD card or what? Anyone else have these problems. I tried searching the forum but found not much info, but sorry if this is a redundant post.
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    Thank you Cody!!

    Ever since I heard rumor that the new treo 750 has threaded sms along with windows mobile I've been wanting to upgrade. Being that I have sprint and all they offer is the 755p I've been a little frustrated. This program made my day!

    Excellent job!
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    hey this is kool but i am having a problem getting my hands on the cab file
    can someone please send it to me


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    Hey Guys! I have the 700wx (verizon) and I can't find palm messaging anywhere. Someone else mentioned this but I think they found theirs. Help! Where else should I look for this? What am I doing wrong? I loaded Resco Explorer, though it was the 2007 version which was a tab bit different from Cody's directions. Don't think that matters much, just thought I would mention it just in case.

    *****Never Mind I found the download for it!!!!*****
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    Cody, thanks a ton. Just installed and it works great.

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