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    [QUOTE=codyppc;1221703]Ok, due to the large number of people still having trouble installing the sms app, I have decided to write another tutorial for nOObs. With pictures. Many said the old threads were outdated. Going back to beta 1 and reg edits. So i did this one
    etc etc..

    Everything you wrote worked great. Wonderfull app. "BUT"-- when I receive a message, I do not get any audible notification. I looked in the options menu, but there is nothing there to select anything audible. Did I overlook something? After I completed the install, I did a soft reset, just in case.
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    You must not be on a treo. You'll need to go to your system settings for alerts & notifications and select a valid sound for the event "Messaging New Message (Palm...".
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    Thank you Codyppc, you do outstanding work!
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    this SMS messaging is great! the resco explorer was a little difficult to use due to my menu options being different than in the instructions, but i figured it out eventually.

    one question: is there NO way for me to read my old text messages that I had saved on the phone?
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    When I go to that URL on my phone it says its an invalid URL, when i just go to I dont get any links to get to Pocket PC...any idea's?
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    do you lose any of the stock poutlook text message functions such as insert my text or do you lose the ability to reply to phone calls with a text message?
    in short, is there any downside to installing this? I text very infrequently and it's usually just an outbound message.
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    Quote Originally Posted by codyppc View Post
    have you deleted the "poutlook"?
    this file is in the windows folder twice but not n the the start menu, do I need to delete both of them.....i am getting that same problem were the text Messages shows one unread message, I tried to use the spb Diary, but I did not see any messages… this point what I can do….
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    Thanks for the help with threaded sms installed and the insturction, it was easy and the sms work's well.
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    Just wanted to say thank you, installed this on my verizon xv6700 and it worked perfectly, I've been looking for this for over a year and nothing worked.

    On a side note, tried installing this on a t-mobile wing with windows mobile 6 and it crashed the phone app. said CProg is not a valid application.

    thanks again.
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    I have had a problem with people getting my text messages upto 1 day late and generally within 2 hours even on the same network. This only happens if I reply within the thread but if I create a new text message they get it right away. Any ideas?
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    Thank you SO SO SO much.
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    Thanks Cody
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    It's likely an issue with the Wing as it works fine on the Wing's big brother the Mogul which runs WM6 as well.
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    I downloaded the program and it seems to work flawlessly. My only concern is if there is a sound notifcation of a "sent" text message like in the default application? I receive a sound when a text is received, just not when sent. Any ways to change that preference??
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    thanks man, this is beautiful, i've been looking for this forever.
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    The instructions worked great. Thanks again.
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    i've been having problems with sending the messages, it seems to get stuck in the outbox and wont send. but when i go to the outbox and hit resend it sends everything in the outbox. what could be the problem?
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    Thanks for the link Cody. Works great so far.
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    Thank you Cody for this. Your instructions are easy to follow and the application works exactly as promised.
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    you da man, thanks again!

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