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    Hi, I installed the threaded SMS app and everything seems to be working. I just had a quick question about MMS. I understand that selecting the MMS menu option from the threaded SMS app will not work and returns the Out Of Memory error. Is there a way to get this menu option to point to the MMS program that does work and, if not, to remove it from the menu altogether?

    Thank you
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    i got this working cody so that pm you can forget about. i tested it today all works well. i love this app i had it on my 6700 when it first came out.
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    finally got this to work, thanks Cody! Hardest part was figuring out how to unzip/run cab files.
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    Thanks Cody for some great instructions, very easy and straight forward.
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    Thanks for the detailed instructions
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigmattFromJeRSeY View Post
    does anyone else have problems with this app. I sent a text to test it out and person said it sent twice and I never got his reply. I got the massages after I uninstalled and soft reset.
    Just had the issue - Soft Reset finally fixed the issue. no uninstall was needed.
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    Thanks Cody!
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    just downloaded! cant wait to get it up and runnning :-)

    awesome awesome awesome!
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    Works great. Installed it on my Alltel 700wx w/o a hitch. Total time maybe 10mins or so.
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    After buying a Motorola Q and not being able to get any of the threaded SMS programs to work with MOL3 I dumped it in favor of the so quickly find Cody's EASY instructions to get up and running on threaded SMS is AWESOME...

    Thanks Cody.........
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    I followed all the steps in this tutorial.

    After I overwrite the files in the Windows folder and reboot, the Menu button the the bottom right becomes "Contacts" and the line at the top of the screen with the Verizon Wireless name and bluetooth status display disappears. The whole line disappears. I also can not turn the phone on by holding down the red button. I have to do a hard reset to get the menu button to display "Menu" on the today screen and turn on the phone. I can still run applications and the menu button on those apps work fine. It's only a problem on the today screen.

    Any ideas?
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    Well I finally got around to installing this app a few weeks ago and needless to say I love it.

    I do have a question regarding the date format within the inbox. Instead of being mm:dd it is dd:mm and there doesn't seem to be a setting for this. Can this be changed to the "regular" date format of mm:dd?
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    Thanks for the file. Nice work on the directions. This helps many.

    Thanks again.

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    Thanks so much!!
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    im not sure how to install the threaded sms cab file into memory, can someone help me out with this? i have the sync cable and everything prepared im just not sure how to install it
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    Quote Originally Posted by darock231 View Post
    im not sure how to install the threaded sms cab file into memory, can someone help me out with this? i have the sync cable and everything prepared im just not sure how to install it
    Here you go.

    Very simple stuff.
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    alright thanx alot, i got everything working fine! the program works great!
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    Thanks for that, just upgraded from the 650 and thought the lack of threading to be a bit blah. Thanks for this and the A2DP!
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    this doesnt have to deal with the threaded sms, but does anyone know where i can get the program RingoPro so i can use mp3's as ringtones??? or any program like it...I have a treo 700wx

    for free preferibly! :-)

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    will a HARD RESET restore entire machine on my Treo700wx back to new, including restoring those 13 deleted files (poutlook.exe, etc) ?
    ... Go Go TREO !!! The 700wx and T755P are awesome

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