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    I recently set up a gmail account with an automatic reply or vacation response. then I set up pocket outlook for this account on my sprint 700wx. I used the :995 and :465 and the end of the servers names like I should. I added the "recent" before the user name. I selected the "headers only" and 999 for size of kb. I think it is all setup the way it should be. in fact when I set up a gmail account for a different gmail account I don't have anu problems.

    my problem is when I go to check the mail on the gmail account I get the original message along with the auto reply message that gets sent to the one who emailed me. so what I get is for example 20 emails. 10 emails from those who emailed me and 10 copies of the auto reply.

    when I go to my pc and log on to that gmail account I don't have a copy of that auto reply message in my inbox, just on the treo.

    does anyone know what is going on? very fustrating.

    thanks, cody
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    I would also like to know the answer to this!

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