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    I'd like to write a script to make reminders work exactly the way I want. I want an adjustable vibrate and I want the sounds and vibrate to repeat at a chosen internal for a chosen number of times. What I want is similar to what Datebk5/6 did for Palm reminders.

    I think it's all doable through Mortscript registry manipulation, but I need to know which registry entries to manipulate.

    Any thoughts?
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    That the fun Part westronic Digging for them as we all must do but it gets better.All of the reg values you seek are throughout the mortscript forums which makes it pretty easy to succeed in your goal.

    Phil C
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    Well, here is what I know so far:

    HKLM\System\State\Shell\Notifications/Active gets two keys created whenever a notification is "active;"

    CLSID and ID.

    ID is a nice, easy-to-read decimal value that appears to be unique based upon the type of notification, though that has only been slightly tested.

    DKCU\ControlPanel\Notifications\Reminders contains the DWORD value "57072," which is presumably the current options set.

    DKCU\ControlPanel\Notifications\Reminders\AutoSnooze contains the DWORD value of "30" which is probably a 30-second delay for repeating the reminder sound (only, not the vibration).

    DKCU\ControlPanel\Notifications\'third large hexadecimal' has values of:

    Default: Reminders
    Duration: 10
    Event Type: 2
    Options: 1073741851
    VibrateWith RingOff: 1
    VibrateWithRignerOn: 1
    Wave: \Windows\Rings\Hitchcock.mid

    I could probably do something like:

    1. Set the default to do no action for reminders (to avoid a conflict). Perhaps even read the setting first and popup a warning if it had to reset the reminders so that one would know what is going on when one discovers reminders always get reset to "unchecked."
    2. Detect that a reminder is active.
    3. Make the vibrate and sounds go off as desired.
    4. Wait desired number of minutes
    5. Repeat
    6. Continue the cycle until either no reminder exists or until the cycle has gone a set number of times.

    This is not perfect, though. Ideally I want to detect every reminder individually, not just that one exists. I do not know yet how this will work - maybe the ID changes if there are multiple reminders. It also will likely change if more than one type of reminder is present.

    One issue would be ensuring that the sound goes off and the vibrates happen at the same time.

    More research needed.

    Anyone already look into this, perchance?
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    Yes Ive been looking into it for some time now.I merged NLEd and Reminder1.1 into one cab download last night with both having icon toggle control on/off wit great success .I inserted a really cool low key chime sound that mixes very well..kind of treo like.The reminder sound is set at 2 min.Getting into
    v-mail/sms/missed call/e-mail would be very easy but as you said getting the value. I Do recomend using the nled script format .1 draw back..missed call and V-mail are of the same values so adding of v-mail count value would be need for missed call alert seperation.The timer script would set the missed call reminder on then if there was a voice mail received we would need to cancel notifications timer-missed calls then that activating v-mail notification timer .Getting to the windows reg into active reminder would give choice of sounds-wm.

    Phil C
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    hey sling great did you post up the new nled and remider up anywhere yet????
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    Not yet.Im bumming Scotty chime icon to control the alert sound function for I have not got a icon added to the scripticons.dll .I gave scotty an PM to see if it was alright to post a temp beta using his icon but ive not yet got and answer from him.
    Im loving the program it is perfection.Cant wait to share
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    Rino feel more then free to look for an icon for the program.Ive looked and been very unlucky finding one.
    Im thinking a pda or clock icon with sound coming off of it.
    If you come up with something post it in Icon creation thread.

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