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    Since the search feature on the forum is down I thought I would ask here. When installing apps is it better to load the app onto the card and run it from there or move it from the PC?
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    There is no difference between dragging and dropping a cab from the pc to the card or device. I like to place cabs on my card in a "save" folder in case I delete the program and decide to reinstall it later.
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    New to the 750. I'm trying to downlaod some 3rd party app trials by SMS. I get the messages, follow the links, they start to downlaod and then I get an error messsge saying the download was unsuccessful due to unauthorized digital signatures - or something close to that.

    I can't find where to change settings to let these downloads happen.
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    I hadn't heard of downoading apps by sms. I download apps all the time threw Pocket internet explorer. That works if it is a cab or a compressed file containing a cab. If it is in a compressed file you can use PocketRAR to decompress it. The easiest thing to do is to download a file and apply the program to the PPC threw active sync or if you do not use active sync you can place a cab on the card threw a card reader. If it is not an exe and you use a card reader I think you can use file juicer to extract the cab.

    The error message you getting is a BS general statement you get when something goes wrong. Are you aay from a PC, is that why you are trying to do it that way?

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