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    Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong? I am trying to use the POP3 account in pocked Outlook. My incoming POP3 is working fine, but I can't get the Sprint SMTP to work.

    I have the following settings:

    Outgoing Mail:
    Domain - I tried leaving it blank, but that does not work. Do I need to fill in the domain, and if so, what should I use?

    I am using "Separate Outgoing Server Settings", where my user name and password are the same that I use to log into my sprint account online.

    I have "Require SSL" unchecked.

    What could I be doing wrong? The only parameter I am uncertain about is domain.

  2. #2 can leave the domain are right about using "Separate Outgoing Server Settings" the username is your vision user name...its not the same as your Sprint account login which is your phone number...that's your problem.

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