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    I just got my new 700WX as a result of fatally dropping my 650. I just got my first bill from Bell mobility (Canada) and almost had heart failure. The bill doubled! It seems the email connection isn't connecting once per hour as I had set. It always connects and downloads everything, all the time (unless the phone is off).

    After spending an hour on the phone with customer service and tech support at Bell, they have no idea what they are talking about and told me some outright lies.

    Can anyone help me get the phone to check email once per hour and only 5KB of the message. I don't need to pay an additional $100 per month for service I don't need.

    I'm sure there's a simple fix to this.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Go into your messaging. Click on menu at the lower right of the screen. Select "delivery preferences." In the two tabs this option has, you will find everything you need to bring it back to normal
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    Thanks for the reply. The current settings are to check every 60 minutes and only download 5kb. The settings haven't changed from when I first got the device. Is there another area I should check?

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    Go to Menu - Tools - Options - Click on the POP account, and keep clicking next until you see the option to automatically download messages. Check the time there matches the time for delivery preferences.
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    just get unlimited data plan if they have it.. no offence.. but you shouldnt get a treo.. or a 700wx at that.. without an unlimited data plan.. if your checking your email once an hour im guessing you never go online or anything like that on your treo.. just basically hourly e-mail and phone calls.. your not getting the most out of it if you ask me..
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