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    In Outlook 2007 when I "send/receive" all my mail (which comes from two different POP3 services) is received in the same folder. Within that folder, I have about a hundred smaller "sub-directories" to which I organize my achieved mail.

    On my Treo 750, when I first set it up with ActiveSync everything is great. All my folders (and subfolders if selected) appear on the device.

    But when I go to add the mail accounts so I can send/receive mail on my Treo 750 it adds two new folders for two POP3 accounts (each with their own inbox/sent mail/outbox etc.) instead of just downloading to the same folder (like I have it on Outlook)

    How do I fix this? Its very annoying.

    Surely a work around must exist
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    Been doing lots of googling and it would seem this is not possible with WM5

    I wants to receive my emails on my Treo when on the go but also keep it in sync with my desktop outlook where I can archieve my emails and organize them etc...

    What do you guys reckon I should do? Any 3rd party tools/software and/or services that would help me out (bar flexmail)
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    I ran into the same thing.

    I believe the outlook inbox on the treo is intended to work with exchange servers.

    pop3 accounts are handled differently. for me i have found that even though the pop3 accounts are downloaded to there own folders, it has not prevented my regular outlook (pc) from also downloading.

    there are services that are relatively inexpensive like 4smartphone that will act as an exchange server for your pop3 accounts and give you that you want. i am considering this. the drawback is that even thought you can access several pop3 accounts with it, your reply can only come from the main account.

    hope this gives you some leads,

    there are a few other email threads here you should check
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    hey Tom thanks for the help

    Signing up with an exchange service may be the solution I am looking for but I am not 100% on how these services work

    My understanding is that if I sign up for the hosted exchange what will happen is that the Outllook 2007 on my desktop would sync with the Outlook version on the exchange (i.e. online) which would also sync with my PDA? Thus I would have three versions of Outlook all in sync?

    I presume though (if this is correct) that when writing e-mails on my Treo I would only be able to send e-mail from the one account though? But in Outlook (my desktop version) I can still choose which account I want my outgoing mail to pass through?

    Am I on the right track??

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