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    The dial functions and the speed dial on the Today Screen is ingenious. I love this design for the Treo 750 and would find it hard to consider taking it away in search of something even more perfect, but.... I was hoping there might be some like minded individuals out there.

    While putting the speed dial buttons on the Today Screen makes good sense to me for a couple of VERY frequently dialed numbers, it does not make sense for everything because they have now made it so darn easy to look someone up just by typing. I rarely have to type more than 2-3 characters to get a number to highlight and all without going into the contact list first. Therefore, it occured to me that one could make "even better" use of those speed dial buttons on the Today Screen as well.

    Consider the following list:
    Chinese Takeout phone number
    My Wife's phone number
    My WAP Movies page
    My Checkbook Software
    A specific Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
    My Microsoft One Note software
    Quick Video shortcut
    Quick Picture shortcut

    Say that some of these very different types of data are accessed regularly. Could there be a way to extend the functionality of this great speed dial list to contain any manner of data file or program shortcut?
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    I personally hate having speed dial on my today screen. I'd rather have calendar appointments, email notifications, etc. I actually wish the speed dial list showed up after you press the phone button, but you don't get it, just last numbers dialed and the call log. But the speed dials today plugin takes so much of the screen.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the feature, just not on on the today screen.

    But I do use the speed dials, I just hide them. I go in to the today screen settings and uncheck "speed dial". You can still totally use the speed dials just the same. I go to menu>speed dail options, and set them up. I just memorize my most commonly used speed dials, but I don't like them on the today screen.

    With Palm's type-and-dial approach I find it not very necessary to use speed dials anyway.
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    that wasn't actually an answer to my question.
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    Yes you're right. Sorry.
    To actually answer your question as best I can, I think you'll find that SPB Pocket Plus's today screen plug-in will take care of (almost) what you want.
    Pocket plus adds a today screen plug in that you can customize with any icons or shortcuts that you want. You can add IE shortcuts, links to specific files, and shortcuts to programs.
    To do an IE shortcut, use IE on your desktop PC and drag the icon from the address bar to the desktop (creating a link to that page.) Then open up "my device" and drag that shortcut over to a folder on your Treo750.
    If you drag it to /windows/startup/ or /windows/startup/programs you can click the icon directly and it'll open IE to that page.
    SPB pocket plus adds and extension to your file explorer called "add to today screen." Just browse the file explorer to the IE icon, click and hold to get the menu, the select "add to today screen."
    Now you can launch a web page directly from the today screen.
    I created IE shortcut icons to the weather forecast so I don't have to use a weather program. I have two:
    As you can see, these go directly to my local weather page.
    You can, of course do this for any movies page, etc.

    To do a link directly to a file, I think you just browse to that file (say an myfile.xls,) hold and select "Add to today screen."
    The shortcut to that file will automatically open it in excel. You should be able to do this with any file. I don't think I actually tested this, though.

    I'm not sure how to add a link directly to a contact. I'm not sure it's possible. But I think it'll do everything else you want.

    The plug in is pretty customizable. You can do multiple tabs or just one, and no additional tabs are visible. You can create large and small icons.

    I actually like almost all of the features of pocket plus, particularly the task manager and the IE extensions.

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