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    is there any application I can use to dowload my iTunes archives on the 750 and play them?
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    This may or may not be what you're after.... On my 700WX, I use Orb to stream all of my iTunes content to my phone. Point Orb on your desktop to your iTunes folders & the contents (.mp3's, Podcasts, videos, etc) are available in the appropriate Orb menus on the phone.

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    TCPMP, with the appropriate .aac codec plug-in (both free downloads) will play itunes AAC files (m4a). There is currently no way to play itunes protected m4p files on anythign other than an iPod.
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    thanks to both of you.
    I will try your suggestions.
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    I assume you can use QTFairUse6 to convert protected files into unprotected files (I haven't done this since version 4 of iTunes, so I'm not too sure how it works these days).
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    I bought a 2gb SD card and wanted to keep synchronized playlists from itunes on it. I stumbled onto itunes agent

    Not sure if its what you are looking for but it works very well for me. Easy to set up and easy to use. And best of!
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    you can also try pocketmusic that plays acc to.
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    Have you tried the Avvenu Music player? Its in beta right now but seems to work pretty well with a little time devoted to setup.
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    Hello. How do you make the set-up for iTunes Agent for the Treo 750 to get the music to your 2GB card? I played with the set-up in iTunes Agent and could not figure out how to do it. I would greatly appreciate your help with this, because I sync numerous times a day and would like to simply make changes in iTunes and them show up on my Treo 750.

    BTW, what player do you use on your Treo 750? I am using CorePlayer, but am looking for an easier player to use.

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