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    Hi all,

    I know this is a long shot, but I thought I would try anyways!!!

    Any of you guys has a pioneer DEH-P980BT in your car? I'm trying to connect my 700wx to that unit, but it keeps giving me an error. You see on this unit you are supossed to first connect the phone and then register (although you can make call while 'connected', if you don't register you need to reconnect next time you enter the car... )

    I can connect, but I can not register... any ideas?

    I have the fix from hannip installed (BTW it works GREAT!!!). I'm able to stream audio to the stereo vis bluetooth... no stereo headphones for me!!!

    Any help will be R-E-A-L-L-Y appreciated.

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    I had a issue with my 700w. I have the Jeep ( same as Dodge and DCX cars ) UConnect system. 80% of the time it would find the connection and try to connect to it. After entering the pin number it would fail and say they are not the same pins. So I tried to hard reset the phone, no go. As a last resort I downloaded palms reset utility and did the hard reset from that. That worked. Dont know why.. but it did.

    TIP: if you can get to the password screen try using a pin that you have not used before.

    -- Sal
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    you mean you can play music on your car from your treo wirelessly? please explain youe setup to me.

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    Hi all,

    thanks for the reply!

    Sal, I will try that. I will download the application and see if that helps. Do you have the fix from Hannip installed in your treo?

    In answer to Boboo's question, YES!!! With this stereo, when you connect from your treo you can select 'hands free' and 'wireless stereo'. That means that you can just change output (from cd or whatever to 'BT music') and enjoy your tunes in your car stereo while playing on the treo!!!!!! it is AMAZING!!!

    Other than the connect issue (where I can not 'register' my treo) this stereo is a keeper...!!!

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    Wow. Sounds like this is worth looking into.

    Thanks Rotty!
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    Hi. Wow, you are lucky. I've contacted pioneer and Crutchfield about the DEHP9800BT compatibility issues. I installed jetware as well as the latest Palm software [ad2p or whatever]. Still cannot register my 700w, have to completely reconnect with PIN each time I reenter the car, have extremely low call volume, cannot transfer phone book and am all in all very disapointed. I am returning this headunit and trying desperately to find one that is palm compatible. Pioneer actually lists Treo as 'incompatible' as per Crutchfield. Maybe I should just leave the Treo and buy another phone?

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