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    Anyone come across this issue?

    Anytime I get a notification (only certain ones apparently) it'll immediately be followed by a gwes.exe and/or device.exe errors.

    I have no idea what's causing it.. but I don't have the time right now to install/uninstall everything and then let it run for a couple of hours.. so i guess ill have deal with the errors until i have more time (or unless some of you have an inkling about what might be wrong)

    fyi: things i have installed

    Slinghann Treo Keylight
    Resco File manager
    Palm SMS threaded messaging
    Pocketmax phonealarm
    sprite backup
    arcsoft mms picture mail
    batti (battery bar on top, similar to the one that comes w/ ilauncher) --> when I click on the bar, itll pop a notification about the status of my battery.. when i close this, itll send me the errors.. this is pretty consistent (but i suspect only consistent because this is the only program i know how to consistently pop up a notification message)

    i've uninstalled batti, but i still have the errors when the random notifiation error pops up.. so i dont think its batti.

    any other ideas?
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    Dont know what causes it, but if you go into control panel/syste/error reporting and disable reporting it might disappear for good. I think old WM2003 programs can be the culprit.
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    arcsoft mms picture mail
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    Quote Originally Posted by slingbox View Post
    arcsoft mms picture mail
    I uninstalled it but still get the errors, so it doesn't look like this is the culprit.. thanks for the input though
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    i get them too. IM+ seemed to do it to me.

    I also have gotten them just using PIE though too.

    Its weird, and extremely annoying.

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