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    Quote Originally Posted by dbarrett5381 View Post
    I get that sometimes too. It only happens to me when the first text doesn't get sent and I get an error message. It moves it to the outbox and tries to send it later, but after it sends it the app never deletes it from the outbox and continues to try to send the text even after it has successfully been sent. So if I get an error when I send the text I just go into the outbox and delete it after it has been sent and then people don't get duplicates.
    Well, the funny thing is that I don't get an error message...but I've never checked the outgoing. Anyways, it doesn't work with PushEffect yet. So I'm gonna stay put.
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    Mine works with pusheffect.........
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    Quote Originally Posted by benbradle View Post
    Thanks cody.
    its easy way to understand.
    nice things .i appreciate your effort.
    your welcome
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    Thanks Cody. This works excellent and was very easy to install!
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    Thanks Cody!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tranman View Post
    are people still getting duplicate messages sent to recipients? I love the application, but the amount of duplicate texts that people got from me were outrageous...sometimes up to 8-10 duplicates, sometimes from a few days later!
    this is happening to me too....people hate me now. any fix?
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    thank you
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    Quote Originally Posted by maddhatteroo7 View Post
    thank you
    Cody, Is there anyway for the phone to beep or vibrate when getting messages? Prior to this update My phone was not threaded and notified me of text messages.
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