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    Quote Originally Posted by crazie.eddie View Post
    Thanks. It seems to be working, but I'm VERY confused from the thread here:

    I'm assuming that the thread is in regards to the original cab setup, becuase the new one I just DL'd (beta 4) doesn't really require much, except for a backup, install, and copy the files to \Windows folder. The thread mentioned above requires registry editing, VJslippy, and such. So maybe we should start a new thread, becuase many people, including myself, will get confused reading through the thread and not knowing which will apply to the new cab or old one.

    Plus, it would help readers out from reading a thread that is hundreds of pages, when only the last 5 pages really apply.

    Also, will this have to be installed again in an event of a hard reset?
    you are right. that thread is the one I told everyone to post there problems in. it is long and has a history of all 4 versions. you said it best when you said only the last 5 pages or so are important. that is where you could find a lot of help.

    I have received many emails with people having trouble installing.

    there really are only three things you need to do.
    1. install the cab.
    2. move 13 files.
    3. remove "poutlook" from the start up folder.

    I am looking into a newer tutoral for dummies. a more nOOb form of instructions. maybe with some screenshots. until then... just check out the last few pages of the original thread and check the stickies, I thought there was another thread that explained the install.

    hope this helps, cody
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    Thanks Cody!
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    I'll probably start a new thread, since going through so many pages is a waste. I can see people eventually replying to this one, instead.
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    Thanks for sending me the program. I really appreciate it.
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    Got it! Thanks much Cody!!!!
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    Cody, thanks for the file. Works great
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    First post on TC, and just wanted to thank Cody for his awesome work
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    Thanks Cody! Works like a charm.
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    Thanks for the file!
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    Cody thanks a lot for the app!! This is my first post and i'm sure there will be many more appreciation replies in the future! Taking the first step towards Treo heaven or headache...we'll see lol.
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    Cody, you are the king. Installed perfectly thanks to your detailed step by steps. Thank you.
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    a hard reset completely wipes this right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by OHSR View Post
    a hard reset completely wipes this right?

    it is recommend that you do a backup first. then your in good shape if you find it's not for you.

    enjoy, cody
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    Got the application Cody. Thank you very much!
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    thanks a bunch just sent the email out
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    thanks, cody!
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    Worked great for me
    Thanks Cody
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