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    I'm thinking of trialing Flexmail because of its HTML and IMAP (IDLE) capabilities. I've come to rely on Hannip's LED notifier, however, and I wouldn't want to lose this functionality.

    Can someone tell me whether the LED Notify script works via ActiveSync, or whether it's specific to POutlook?
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    works great with flexmail
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    it works off of the notifications. it doesn't matter what the source was if it sent a notification nled will pick it up.
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    Interesting because I would think PA would work the same way (trying out the latest beta of that where you can actually select Flexmail as an option) but it doesn't light up the LED when there is new mail from what I've seen, at least with an IMAP account
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    Somewhat off-topic: does the native Word Completion feature work within Flexmail?

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