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    My Sprint 700WX almost religiously during a call will switch to the SETTINGS screen. This action makes it difficult to enter #s for voice mail or the Menu button for speaker phone and such.

    I also notice frequently that having key-guard on and turning the screen on that after I hit the center button, it could take up to 7 seconds for the keyguard to unlock the phone.

    Can anyone offer suggestions, A S.Reset made no difference, either did a HR and then a restore.

    Apps that are installed are the following. Most of these are installed on the SD card as well.

    Resco File Explorer,
    Magic Button
    PCS Buss Connection
    Active Sync
    MS VC 1.5 (On device)

    According to the settings screen, I'm using 20.7 MB of memory with 37MB free
    MS VC 1.5 (On device)
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    Have you disabled the touchscreen while in a call?
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    Up till now, I have not disabled Touchscreen, However I tried that earlier this morning after reading the above advice, and have had ZERO issues or recurrences.

    However I do prefer not having the screen locked out if possible. So Im still confused as to what is causing it to jump to the settings page a majority of the time.

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    Anyone have any ideas?

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    [QUOTE=StaciO;1221578]Anyone have any ideas?

    Can it be that you are activating the settings screen by touching the screen to your face or to your case?
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    I just tested this , and as I hold the phone to my face , yes it seems to jump to the Clck and Alarm page, but I have no clue how touching anything on the screen would bring me to that link all the time.

    Why would a touch never bring me to any other page. It always is the Clock/Alarm page

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