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    I have a WinXPP machine with MS Office XP and am using an Outlook mailbox. I previously used Outlook Express and HotSync to work with my Palm One. I have been able to migrate my data from Outlook Express to Outlook and from the HotSync database to the Active Sync database on my Treo 750. However when I run a manual sync, I do see the contacts and the Calendar items go into the Treo. However the Inbox briefly says 0/54 and then there is a check mark. When I look in the Outlook inbox on the Treo, I there is nothing in the box.

    I believe I am running Active Sync 4.2(which came from the Treo CD) on the PC.

    Can you suggest a solution? Should I remove Active Sync from the PC, download the latest from MS and then do a reinstall?

    Any other ideas about what I am missing?

    Thanx for your help,
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    I would, yes for starters. Are you sure you have A.S. selected to sync your "InBox"?
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