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    Are you having any issue's with EVDO? I cant maintain a signal, it keeps reverting back to 1x and my battery is getting killed.
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    I'm in NJ and I've been noticing that it seems to be going to 1x a lot too.
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    I spoke with Verizon they say they have no issues (shocking) but something is definately wrong.
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    count me in. same problem.
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    Glad I am not nuts. Noticed it as well. My Mobile DSL speed is in the 200s. Test yours here:
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    I'm in central NJ. Same here. I was in VA this week and had better battery life. Also in Columbus OH and had abysmal battery life due to poor signal; problems there with text messaging and voice-mail as well.
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    im now in upstate ny, 50 miles from the city, and I am getting clear EVDO. No issues.
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    Up here in Westchester and no problems with it on my Verizon cell or EV on my Treo with Sprint.

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