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    I know kinoma is for PalmOS. But it works on windows mobile under emulation with StyleTap. It works surprisingly well, actually.
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    dizzam styletap looks tight. you know if that worse for their mms prog? so i can send people videos in txt messages?
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    Not to get too O.T. but:

    strike 1 = buying a Dell
    strike 2 = buying a Dell loaded with Vista.
    Treo 700WX - VZW
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    well i did get a pretty decent deal on the dell. its actually pretty sick. im just sick of building all my own pcs. it was easier and cheaper, even though it is more limited. i got the amd athlon 64 5600+ (so its the dual core 2.8ghz), with 4gb of ram, and a 256mb video card for 1g. im actually pretty satisfied with the pc other than vista. yeah its missing some things, but whatever i knew this.
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    Is your phone Verizon? If so I'll buy it off of you if you hate it that much. I have the 700w and I love it. I would love to have a wx
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    no its sprint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iLLa View Post
    i dont want to set up speed dials for girls who i just met just so that i can send them a txt.
    No, that's not right. Ok, the user is in your contacts, right? So at you home screen you just start typing their name... it pops up because they are in your contacts... you hit and hold the button in the middle of the directional pad and, BAM, up pops 'send txt message'
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    First off, I have read this entire thread.

    When we choose to adopt NEWER technologies not everything ALWAYS works. There will be bumps in the road using any "Cutting Edge Tech", with that said:

    I LOVE MY WX, not only is it a phone, calendar, and PDA for me. I use it daily for GPS, I can stream my sirius Satellite radio sub over it, I can watch my tivo/directTV over it, I can stream ANY Video or MP3 off of my server at home. I can watch my entire CCTV system from anywhere in the US in realtime mode. I can check my stock quotes, and catch up on any daily engadget news. I receive real-time email pushes, and can readily and quickly reply to any email/sms. My phone gladly gives me the weather, and if I'm ever out and about, and a stranger asks me a question pertaining to a local business, I'm able to give them both address and phone numbers within seconds. and if that isnt enough for them, I can quickly pull up satellite imaging of that business/location. My phone can and does give my poor laptop internet access when there isnt a hot-spot to be found.

    There ARE some things my WX cant do, and there are some things that it CAN do, but not necessarily well. The amount of devices that this one unit replaces is amazing. I never thought I would have ONE device that could do SO MUCH for me.

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    Here's a question regarding StyleTap and Kinoma. Will it allow you to automatically stream files by tapping "Stream" in and it'll launch Kinoma vial Styletap?
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    Jag: no, you can do that but it's an asx file, you wouldn't want to associate that with Kinoma, the majority of the time we want Windows Media Player to handle (though I use TCPMP) those streams.

    What I do is I copy the URL of the 'stream' link, then switch to Kinoma and in the menu I paste the URL.
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