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    I am trying to setup a traditional CSD (regular dial-up) connection on my Treo 750. I have a phone number from my ISP (and if I dial it from my cell phone I can hear a modem answering on the other side).

    I setup a new Modem Connection with "Cellular Line" and followed the steps to configure the phone number etc. But when I try to connect it says "No modem at above number...." and won't connect.

    I googled around and saw posts for other devices that said to change the "CSD Type" to 9600bps (v.32) but I can't find anywhere on the Treo connection settings that will let me set/change the baud settings for the "Cellular Line".

    Do you have any idea? My GPRS/UTMS connection is working fine, but I am trying to setup and test a CSD dial-up connection as I am traveling soon and will have free local calls (voice/CSD).

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    Hey, Im in the same boat, did you ever get this to work?
    I have been told elsewhere that it isn't possible on a Treo 750?

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