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    Ok, it's been like two months since the Christian Science Monitor content has been updated by AvantGo and starting a couple of days ago, Reuters content is not updating. Anyone else seeing this??

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    I guess no one is using AvantGo anymore what with all the RSS feeds. Gotta pick an RSS reader to get my content I suppose.
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    Well that's a bummer. I was just thinking of installing it. I've been missing the app. I should look at an RSS thingee instead? Will that do offline? I'm looking for something I can read on the plane.
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    I guess I should be thankful to you for the post reminding me to end my Avantgo subscription. I used to love Avantgo, but had a lot of problems when I moved to WM5.0. As I love to read news and other types of information, I tried a few RSS feeders. The one I liked the best was SPB's version. It works very well.

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