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    I have a sprint 700wx to I would like to switch to another carrier. I know the spc/msl code, but was wondering how to change it to 000000 like verizon/alltel/cricket uses.

    Thanks in advance.....
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    You can't switch to another carrier with the Sprint phone. The carrier, I believe, is hardware encoded. Best you can do is just sell it and buy one from a person selling it on the carrier you want to switch to.
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    Thanks for the reply but, thats not true, I have verizon treo 700w currently working with Cricket, verizon uses 000000 as its spc code, sprint locks there phone. I have the lock code, just would like to know how to change it.
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    The unlock code is usually all zeros, 123456, or your phone number. The lock code you can change. Changing to another carrier, I doubt. Try changing your verizon to a Sprint. I know it can't be done I had a big argument with a friend of mine who is a Sprint Engineer about that.
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    Technically the phone can be changed from one CDMA carrier to another. However, most (if not all) US CDMA carriers have a policy against it. This is not to say it can't be done as people have gotten non-Verizon phones added to their Verizon account. Most who get this done now are lucky to find a rep to do it.
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    I know it can be done, what I need to know is how to change the spc code to 000000. Thanks
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    you should call sprint tech support and ask
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    you should call sprint tech support and ask
    I doubt they would be helpful....

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