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    I know there has to be a really simple way to do this but I searched and cannot find an answer. Basically, how do I stop my Treo from getting emails in the middle of the night (and waking me up) w/o turning the phone off. I have it connection to an exchange server and getting email from my gmail account. Also, I cannot put it on vibrate b/c I want to wake up if the phone rings. Thanks.

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    Change the off peak times setting to manual. Then you will only receive e-mails during peak times.
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    What about for the GMAIL account which is not an exchange server. How do you configure sleep hours for that account?
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    I ran into the same problem (also using an Exchange server). My solution falls into the category of "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em". Rather than trying to stop the email reminders, I deliberately navigate to the Inbox and then plug the Treo into the charger. After a couple of minutes, the Treo begins to power down on it's own... still in the Inbox. Turns out messages received while in the Inbox will not trigger the mail notification. :-) The theory is why would you need an audible notification when you're already in the Inbox and viewing it. Makes sense. And you can make that work for you, too.
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    Very true.....
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    Genius, DiverGuy!

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