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    Hi everyone,

    I'm still having issues with DST stuff and my treo. I've done all the updates per Microsofts website, but for some reason my appts show up as an hour early right now. This was after a hard reset and reload still. Also, another weird thing is that if I do a soft reset, my clock is the correct time (using update to network time), but once I do a sync to Exchange via USB, the time changes to one our early. However, if I don't do a USB sync and just an OTA Activesync, the time is still OK. The time on my computer is fine. This change happens whether or not I have "update to Network time" checked or not.

    Anyone have any ideas? I'd do another hard reset, but the last one didnt work so there is no sense trying again unless I know what to do to make it right....

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    Did you do the DST update on your PPC also?

    The same thing happened to me. I didn't realize there was an update that had to be done on the 700 also.
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    I ran the program setup.msi on my PC, which I think is the one you're referring to?
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    After you mentioned it, I went back and ran the CAb file DST update from the Microsoft Website. It doesnt say I need to do this on top of the setup.msi which is for if you connect to a PC, but i did it anyway, and now everything seems normal. Thanks!

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