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    I have the Cingular 750. When I go to the email app, it can only display 4 emails per screen, is there a way to display more emails per screen? For example, right now, one message takes up 2 lines, is there a way to have it display one email message per line thus allowing me to view more messages per screen at a time? thanks!
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    Start, Settings, System, Screen, Text Size.. make it smaller and voila!
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    thanks, but I meant is there an option in the email message to show only the sender's name and not the subject? because it doesn't matter how small you make the text, each email always will takes up 2 lines.
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    It not much of an improvement, but I hshow 5 emails at once with a smaller font.
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    My other question with outlook is that when I want to see my sent emails, I just go to the folder "sent items" and it shows all the emails that I have sent, BUT instead of showing the name or email address of the person that I sent to, it shows who the emails were sent from, which obviously would be my own name. Whats frustrating is that I can't differentiate which emails went to whom without opening up each email to see who it went to. Is there any way to list the recipient instead of sender in the "sent item" folder?

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